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23 €
Gocek – Dalyan River Cruise – Turtle Beach and Mud Baths

Dalyan is a beautiful, unspoiled rural town known for its rock tombs dating back to the Lycian era. Immerse yourself in a natural hot water pool, then slip into a mud bath made of sulfur and other beneficial elements for your skin. A truly refreshing and revitalizing sensation. Take a…

58 €
Gocek – Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) and Hierapolis

The eighth wonder of the world! A soulful nature experience! Being a limestone with natural water resources, Pamukkale offers incredible views of the white castle, white waterfalls and small pools. With extraordinary healing water, Hierapolis and its impressive necropolis have been…

58 €
Gocek – Ephesus and The House of the Virgin Mary

The ancient city of Ephesus is a real cultural treasure, one of the largest archaeological sites! There are more than 30 well-preserved ancient buildings from the early civilizations: a large theater with a courtyard for 25,000 people, terraced houses, the second largest depository…

29 €
Gocek – 12 Islands – Turquoise Sea Water Cruise

Sea, sun and bathing are on the agenda for this day along the Mediterranean coast at the rhythm of the creeks of the Turkish Riviera. Marvel at the shipyard and visit up to 12 islands. Enjoy a 45-minute swim at each stop.

38 €
Gocek – Jeep Safari Adventure

Adventure and adrenaline with the discovery of the Gocek region by 4x4. Discover Turkey from a different angle! Fresh air and beautiful landscapes are waiting for you. We will visit picturesque Turkish villages, drink water from mountain springs, enjoy the view of waterfalls and swim on sandy beaches with clear waters…

23 €
Gocek – Fethiye Market – The Ghost Town – Blue Lagoon

Discover the modern city of Fethiye with its marina, its city center, and its tombs. Stroll through the stalls of the local market full of spices, olive oil, pastry factories (loukoum). In the afternoon, we will visit the town of Kayaköy, also called the ghost town, abandoned since 1923. Kayaköy is a…